Survive OutsideCalgary Search and Rescue Association provides a backcountry awareness presentation called Survive Outside. This is a presentation aimed for students, adults and groups over the age of 12 that are new to the outdoors, or those who need a refresher when venturing out into the wilderness, on how to be informed and prepared before setting out.  

Our instructors give travel tips and teach steps to improve chances of survival should you become hurt or lost.

The Code of Responsibility (a code of conduct for each person that ventures outdoors) includes:

  • Take the Essentials. Carry the essentials and know how to use them. [List the essentials here?]
  • Trip Planning. Write a trip plan before you head out and leave it with a friend or family.
  • Training. Obtain the skills and knowledge you need before heading out.

It is also taught that if in difficulty or trouble- STOP

  • Sit
  • Think
  • Observe
  • Plan

The presentation will also go over bear and cougar awareness and discuss ways of preventing encounters, what to do if you have an encounter and what to do if attacked by a bear or cougar.

There is a vast number of natural wilderness areas to venture out to so the more planning and preparation each individual does, the better the chance of survival.

If you are interested in our instructors coming out to present to your group or if you would like more information please contact



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