CommitteesIn this section you will find a description of the various committees that operate within Calsara.


The Training Committee is responsible for the overall training for CALSARA. They organize training for new members (Members in Training or M.I.Ts) wishing to join the group. The mandatory courses include map and compass navigation, radio communications, Emergency Response Institute (ERI), search techniques and survival skills. Upon successful completion of the above courses, MITs become official ground search personnel and participate in regular training. Topics may include Critical Incident Stress, H2O, Avalanche and Alzheimer's Awareness, and more. Although training varies from year to year the Training Committee also conducts mock searches to prepare for actual searches. Our Training Director can be reached by clicking here.


The Operations Committee organizes the logistics in ground search and rescue operations. The committee ensures efficient, effective and economic use of CALSARA resources, ensures safety and protection of members involved in operations, develops and maintains a program to provide sufficient supply of competent leaders for ground search and rescue operations and develops an annual operations plan. The Operations Director is responsible for the initial callouts of members and liaises with Search Managers during all phases of a search and rescue operation. Our Operations Director can be reached by clicking here.

Member Relations

Calgary Search and RescueThe Member Relations Committee has a mandate to support the well being of members through communications, human resources administration and social events. Examples of this include the tracking of day to day events and attendance, such as training and searches, developing and implementing a member recruitment drive. Our Member Relations Director can be reached by clicking here.

Asset Management

The Asset Management Committee aids in the research, purchase and upkeep of all CALSARA physical assets. Generators, vehicles and battery supplies are checked on a regular basis. The Committee also conducts an on-going inventory of all of CALSARA's equipment.  It is an ongoing duty to keep everything stocked and ready in the event of a search. A complete inventory check is done once a year by the organization as a whole, but it is kept up on an ongoing basis by the Asset Management Committee. During a search operation or training exercise, the committee is responsible for all consumables used.  Our Asset Management Director can be reached by clicking here.

Community Relations

The role of the Community Relations Committee is to identify, establish and maintain a beneficial, positive relationship between CALSARA and the various publics on which our success depends. Responsibilities include developing and maintaining the communications tools such as the organization's brochure, web site and business cards. Other activities include establishing ties with the local media, inviting them to cover stories on the organization. 

The Committee also helps to analyze, monitor and evaluate fundraising opportunities. They work to increase publicity and prepare related materials for fundraising initiatives. The committee's goal is to increase corporate, private and other gift solicitation strategies to finance our training programs and search and rescue equipment. Our Community Relations Director can be reached by clicking here



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