Hug a Tree and SurviveCalgary Search and Rescue Association provides a safety and survival presentation called "Hug a Tree and Survive' to schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Cubs and various other youth groups.  

The goal of the program is to teach four basic messages:

  • How not to become lost in the woods
  • What to do if you do become lost
  • Stay dry and warm; and
  • How you can help searchers to find you if you do become lost

Alberta's natural areas are wonderful places for adventure and learning for children of all ages. Explore and enjoy these places with the knowledge to do so smartly and safely!

A core program under the AdventureSmart banner, Hug-a-Tree and Survive teaches children invaluable outdoor survival lessons, including:

  • Always tell an adult where you are going
  • Always carry an emergency shelter and whistle on picnics, hikes and camping trips
  • Once you know you are lost, "hug a tree" and stay put
  • Make a face hole in your garbage bag and put it on over your head or wrap your emergency blanket around your body to keep warm and dry
  • Help searchers find you by blowing your whistle and by answering their call

Practical rules for survival are discussed by our instructors in a fun and interactive format.

Child survival needs adult assistance. You can help children learn what to do by discussing and practicing the "Rules of Survival". If you are interested in having our instructors present a proactive, preventative presentation to your group, contact for more information.



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